Risks management

What are they?

  • Dangerousness international markets
  • Fuzzy trade regulations, failing or nonexistent
  • Major financial risks in commercial transactions outsourced

A.S.T. Solutions

A.S.T. has the control and management of these risks related to the nature of the buyer profession.

A.S.T. has developed IT and legal tools to identify risks in commercial and financial transactions. Thanks to the quality standards imposed on its suppliers, AST minimizes the risk of defective parts or supplies not meet customer expectations

A.S.T. has implemented a series of procedures: traceability, certificate of origin, Esa paper form for aerospace, certified laboratory testing, evaluating every moment the smooth running of the business transaction.

A.S.T. also has a database (updated daily), where are listed global stocks available, risks references, bad suppliers, counterfeit or defective parts