STAis boosting production of obsolete products made exclusively by AST

STA is an alternative to the supply of electronic components shortages, mainly obsolete from official manufacturers.
A selection of the best manufacturers and secondary wrappers allows the provision of fully compatible.

The main product ranges involved are:
Components powers:
Diodes and Transistors, Thyristors all speed flexibility, GTO and IGBT. (Metal Case, Screw case, presspack …)
HF components:
Transistors VHF, UHF MOSFET Amplifier Hybrid power, Microwave Transistors, Variable Capacitors, Diodes Microwave (crystal), Schottky Diodes, Diodes Mixers, Varicap Diodes, Diodes Varistor.

For significant amounts and in order to validate the entire accounting, pre-production can be provided.

In order To facilitate the listing of products, the end user can identify himself markings

The legal guarantee of one year is applied to the entire range STA